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The Kerosene Keeper



Jeffery Forbes Jr. (Jeffery Forbes Jr.)Kent LeBoutillier (Kent LeBoutillier)Annie Potts (Annie Potts)


Tyler Roberts



When monster Category 5 Hurricane Dorian struck the Northern Bahamas in early September of 2019, it left in its path hundreds missing and thousands homeless. With nearly every electric pole snapped like a toothpick in some parts of mainland Abaco, the storm "virtually eradicated" the power grid making artificial light nearly non-existent. However, the lighthouse on Elbow Cay in Abaco is special in that it is the home to the last kerosene burning fixture in the world, with its keeper Jeffery and a society (The ERLS) dedicated to keeping it going the way it has for over 150 plus years. When all hope seemed lost, with true Bahamian community grit, a plan to turn the tides was under way in the small settlement of Hope Town that had shouldered the first impact from Dorian--the strongest recorded hurricane to ever hit the island nation. This inspirational documentary will show you the power of community, the strength of resilience, and that "when there is hope-there is always a chance."