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The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sensational

1h 13m


Kenneth BobbBlack ChameleonMike G.Kev HutchBill LaswellShake O'BlaizePrince PaulMatteo RuzzonSensationalCurver ThoroddsenPete Um


E.A. Moore



Five years in the making, "The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sensational" is a riotous, visually seductive, and thematically inspirational portrait of an eccentric artist who defies all explanations and proves that believing in your own talent is the only option. The film chronicles the life and music of Colin Julius Bobb, aka Sensational. Described as part rapper, part genius, and part extraterrestrial, this consummate artist lives completely in his own reality. He's also one of the most bizarre, paradoxical, and creative names in hip-hop, a true character whose self-destructive tendencies and unique world view come to the fore in this comical yet moving documentary. "The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sensational" blends current footage, stock footage, vintage music videos, and Super 8 film to visually illustrate Sensational's creative persona. Colleagues, collaborators, and fans such as legendary producer Bill Laswell, Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, WordSound owner and music journalist Skiz Fernando, and Curver Thoroddsen from the Icelandic band Ghostigital weigh in on the rapper's ingenuity and unorthodox working methods. But it's the soundtrack, culled from Sensational's extensive catalog, that truly weaves the story together. And, of course, the always unpredictable, often hilarious comments of the man himself.