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Although we are all, in deeply rooted ways we might not be fully conscious of yet, sitting in coach on our own personal nonstop flights to Hell, Finnair’s literal Flight AY666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki (HEL, in airport code), has cut through the air like a flaming poker into the oozing eye socket of a wretched soul for the last time. This most metal of Scandinavian regional journeys has only embarked 21 times over the course of 11 years, presumably because that’s the maximum frequency with which human minds can process air travel of such diabolical power without being thrown into a bottomless pit of madness.

Anyway, it’s a short flight, only about an hour long. According to photos posted to Facebook, the flight took off for the last time earlier today—Friday the 13th—and landed about nine hours ago, with passengers’ minds intact. Finnair will continue to make the journey every once in a while, just under a different call number (AY954, if you really need to know). So, now that there’s not a literal 666 HEL flight summoning demons every time it takes off, things should be pretty chill from now on, right? (Spoiler alert: They won’t be.)


Feel free to recycle your United Airlines jokes from earlier in the year in the comments below.

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