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Fox is looking for new writers to make a How I Met Your Mother spin-off

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in December, the idea for a How I Met Your Mother spin-off/reboot about a woman telling her kids about how she met their dad was briefly resurrected, with This Is Us executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger pitching a new version of a show that would be called How I Met Your Father and would have no connection to the original show or CBS’ failed How I Met Your Dad pilot from a few years ago. Nothing has come of that, but Fox—which produced How I Met Your Motherrecently teased that a reunion might happen someday, giving us a chance to see what other depressing deaths and divorces have befallen the gang in the years since the show ended.

Now, Fox has noted that it’s still looking to get back into the How I Met Your Mother business, with Fox head Dana Walden telling Deadline that the studio is going to take another shot at developing the spin-off. She says that Fox is looking for new writers, and whoever gets the job will “be starting from scratch” on the project, meaning nothing from the various other pitches that have happened over the years will be retained. Walden adds that this idea has been “slowly cooked,” so it seems like Fox isn’t really in a big rush to make it happen.