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Frank Grillo is Grizzled Driver in first Wheelman trailer

Frank Grillo looks and acts more like the muscle of a criminal operation than its Wheelman, but in this first trailer for the new Netflix action flick, he’s zipping around town to evade trouble. (Which again, is nothing like the Frank Grillo we know and love.) There’s no snappy dialogue or memorable tune, but this teaser has shades of Baby Driver, right down to the earbuds. We suppose that would make Grillo Middle-aged Wheelman or some such, which we’d never call him to his face. Directed by Jeremy Rush and co-starring Garret Dillahunt, Wheelman doesn’t appear to be on the same course as Edgar Wright’s film, but with Joe Carnahan producing, this should still be a helluva ride.

Wheelman hits Netflix on October 20.


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