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From Troll 2 to Catwoman, here is each state's favorite bad movie

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There’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing you’re not alone in your taste in bad (or so-bad-they’re-good) movies. And while that comfort often comes from weirdo friends or particular corners of the internet, you can now find it geographically as well. Century Link Quote has complied a list of each state’s favorite bad movie. To create such a data set, the site first rounded up a list of the most popular “lowest-scoring” movies of all time using data from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and the Razzie Awards. Then they analyzed Google Trends data for each movie to figure out which guilty pleasure is the most popular in each state.


By far the most popular bad movie in America (at least by the amount of landmass it covers) is 2017’s The Emoji Movie, which may be benefiting from some recency bias. It’s the favorite bad film of 10 states. The Room is the next most popular bad movie, claiming the hearts of six states, including, unsurprisingly, ones with major cities like California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, where midnight showings are probably popular. Interestingly enough, however, Minnesota and Vermont are also apparently big fans of Tommy Wiseau’s work. We can quibble with The Room being included on the list at all (that one seems like it deserves its own category), but the rest of the movies more appropriately fit the bad movie bill.

1993’s Super Mario Bros. is beloved by five states while Batman & Robin is beloved by four. From Justin To Kelly and Battlefield Earth can both claim the love of three states apiece, while Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Catwoman, Norbit, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, and Wild Wild West are beloved by two states each. (Delightfully, western states Montana and Wyoming are the ones that consider Wild Wild West their favorite bad movies.) That leaves the crème de la crème of bad movies that are beloved by just one state alone. For instance, Gigli is a favorite of Connecticut, The Master Of Disguise is uniquely popular in Maine, and Oklahoma is the sole state to come out in support of Troll 2. As Century Link Quote itself notes, “North Dakota has no NBA team—guess residents are getting their fill of basketball with Kazaam.” Meanwhile, Colorado is the only state to consider its favorite bad movie to be the 2011 Adam Sandler cross-dressing comedy Jack And Jill. Century Link Quote also mentions that while 14 of the movies on the list have won Razzie Awards, Jack And Jill is far and away the most awarded—it won ten Golden Raspberry Awards in 2012. You can find the full list and even more bad movie data over on Century Link Quote.

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