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Further Adventures In Press Releases

This was emailed to me a few hours ago:

LOS ANGELES, CA — Who wouldn't want Hollywood's biggest stars to sing them to sleep? Some of the most surprising voices in Hollywood, accompanied by musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, lend their talents to a new album, "Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars," to be released by Rhino Records on March 28. It's the perfect soundtrack for quiet evenings at home, with your children…or without them.

The CD features 14 spellbinding tunes by composers including Elton John, Billy Joel, Sade, Bob Dylan and Lennon/McCartney, beautifully sung and lushly orchestrated.

Oooh…lock up the kids! It's an easy-listening album! Things could get sleepy… But which stars with "surprising voices" will be oh-so-gently singing you to sleep?

"Unexpected Dreams" includes the following tracks:

— Scarlett Johansson — "Summertime" — Ewan McGregor — "The Sweetest Gift" — Jennifer Garner — "My Heart Is So Full of You" — Jeremy Irons — "To Make You Feel My Love" — John Stamos — "Goodnight My Angel" — Lucy Lawless — "Little Child" — Eric McCormack — "The Greatest Discovery" — Julia Louis-Dreyfus — "The Nightshift" — Nia Vardalos — "Golden Slumbers" — John C. Reilly — "Lullaby In Ragtime" — Teri Hatcher — "Goodnight"


Guess what? A nightmare is also an "unexpected dream". Unfortunately, they didn't send me the CD yet, but I can't wait to hear what a Big, Fat, Greek Beatles cover sounds like. Also, having the guy from Will & Grace cover an Elton John song is so uber-gay, Bravo just exploded. And, yes, that is Uncle Jesse, but he's covering Billy Joel, not The Beach Boys (for once). I can't wait to play this CD at parties and have someone say, "This is the worst Beatles cover I've ever heard." To which I can reply, "Yes. AND it's Teri Hatcher."

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