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Further Adventures In Press Releases

From WSJ:

Fox Reality Channel, the only all-reality, all-the-time cable and satellite network has greenlit production on its latest original series "Smile…You're Under Arrest!," an inventive and unique show that constructs elaborate stings to bring real fugitives to justice. Armed with a troupe of improvisational actors and police officers, "Smile…You're Under Arrest!" masterminds some of the most hysterical and outrageous stings ever caught on tape.

Yes. Finally. How many times have you been watching grainy police video of undercover sting operations on 60 Minutes or the local news and thought to yourself, "This could definitely use some improv actors and/or comedic outrageousness"? Probably never. But how many times have you watched Punk'd and thought to yourself, "Ashton Kutcher and everyone involved in this show should be put in jail,"? At least once. Well, this show is the next best thing: an unbearable hidden camera prank show in which arrests are the ultimate punchlines.

In this innovative prank show, actual wanted criminals are lured to various fake scenarios; this can be anything from work as an extra on a movie set to a fashion shoot where the subjects think they are on their way to becoming a supermodel. The conclusion to each sting will see the actors reveal the truth to the criminals; then the police immediately apprehend the criminals and bring them to justice.


So basically it's To Catch A Predator, but instead of luring potential criminals via televised entrapment, they're luring "actual wanted criminals" via modeling contests. This can't miss. Won't it be hilarious to see someone wanted for writing bad checks think they're going to get a job as a boat show model, but then totally get arrested? Or to see someone wanted for a minor drug charge get all dressed up to be an extra on Fringe, but then totally get arrested ? These criminals are so stupid. These improv actors are so brave. We are so easily amused. I bet Smile..You're Under Arrest will be listed underneath the "Cops & Heroes" section of Fox Reality's website.

"The best way of describing this show is Punk'd meets Cops," remarked Bob Boden, SVP of Programming, Production & Development at Fox Reality Channel. "There has never been a show quite like this. It's great fun and fantastically arresting TV."

"There's never been a show quite like this, except for the two shows I just mentioned, and every single hidden camera show ever. It's so innovative!"

Also, Bob Boden is incorrect: The best way to describe Smile…You're Under Arrest is "Ugh" meets "No."

"This show is doing a real service for the public! There is nothing better than seeing real-life criminals being caught on tape and I'm excited Fox Reality Channel will be airing the series," said producer, Scott Satin, creator of NBC's successful "Most Outrageous Moments."

"Smile You're Under Arrest!" premieres December 27, 2008 at 4pET/7pPT on Fox Reality Channel.


Wow. "Creator of NBC's successful Most Outrageous Moments" sounds a lot better than "guy who put together a bunch of clips of car crashes and people falling over/getting kicked in the balls," but they mean the same thing. He's right, though: There truly is nothing better than watching criminals being caught on tape in jokey scenarios and then humili-arrested for our own shallow entertainment. I think we all know how Smile…You're Under Arrest should end: Scott Satin goes to Fox, thinking he's pitching Most Crazy Stunts, but then he totally gets arrested for crimes against television.

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