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While much of the world has reacted to news of the sexual assaults committed by Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey with disgust, the gifted musician, anthropomorphic wilted head of lettuce, and “iconoclast” known as Morrisey has taken a different stance.

A deeply disappointing new entry to the former Smiths singer’s crowded “reprehensible opinions” ledger, Morrisey’s take on recent events, translated from a recent Spiegel Online interview, includes such rotten chestnuts as “Anyone who has ever said to someone else, ‘I like you,’ is suddenly being charged with sexual harassment” and “ ... if everything had gone well and had it given them a great career, they would not talk about it.”

Aside from disgust and bafflement, it’s hard to know how to articulate a response to these statements. Fortunately, a tweet from long-running rock band Garbage skips the bullshit to get to the heart of the matter.


There are many ways to address Morrisey’s latest, very bad opinion but, given its vileness, there actually may be no rejoinder more eloquent than a simple “Fuck U.”

If Garbage’s language seems a bit strong, consider reading through the rest of the interview. Even through a stilted, unofficial translation, Morrisey’s stance on not just sexual assault, but European multiculturalism (“ ... I’m sad that Berlin has become the rape capital”), Brexit (“I do not think England should be part of a German empire”), and, of course, vegetarianism (“If you allow the slaughterhouse to continue, you say: The Holocaust is great. Auschwitz was fantastic”) is clear.


How fitting that, among musicians, Garbage has most clearly identified and described nearby trash.

[via Stereogum]