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George Lucas (Photo: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

George Lucas’ USC student film, Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, has taken on a near-mythic properties over the decades, as fans of Lucas’ work pore over the dystopian nightmare—and its feature-length expansion, released in 1971—for clues pointing in the direction of the writer-director’s more populist, space-explosion-based later works. Now, sci-fi streaming brand Dust is allowing people a limited chance to see Lucas’ original student film, celebrating a week-long collaboration with USC by streaming the original Electronic Labyrinth short from now through Wednesday night.

And while the short definitely carries all the occasionally eye-rolling trappings of a ’60s student film—complete with a lot of claustrophobic, disorienting close-ups, and some Orwell-lite references to things like “sexactes” and “ErosBodies”—it’s still a mesmerizing little offering, with Dan Nachtsheim (playing a part that would be taken over by Robert Duvall in the full film) as a tattooed cog attempting to escape a sinister, malevolent machine. 


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