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Get Involved, Internet: Help fund a sequel to the WNUF Halloween Special

2013's WNUF Halloween Special is a light, kitschy throwback to the VHS era, shot to look like a local news broadcast circa 1987 and directed and co-written by a team led by Chris LaMartina. The film follows Frank Stewart, a local news reporter who investigates a supposedly haunted house on live TV. The house was the site of the brutal double murder of the Webbers, a married couple, some years before; the Webbers’ son, Donald, admitted to his parents’ murders by way of demon possession, saying he accidentally released them into the world after playing with an Ouija board.


Two paranormal investigators and a priest get involved with the investigation, and as you can imagine, things escalate from there. Airing throughout the broadcast are faux commercials, from a feminine hygiene ad to a PSA, Parents Against Partying, that mimics the PSAs that were frequently shown on TV in the ‘80s:

Initially, only 300 copies of WNUF Halloween Special were released on VHS, followed by a DVD release later that year. Now, after five whole years, the team is back to immerse your eyeballs in even more spooky fun with a sequel set in the ‘90s. However, LaMartina and the rest of the Halloween Special crew need help securing funding for the project, so they’ve created a GoFundMe with a goal of $50,000. (As of this writing, they’ve raised just over $13,000.)

LaMartina says that the sequel is “a monster undertaking, but I’m confident we’re going to deliver something you will lose your mind over and will become a staple of your October movie rotation for years to come.” He later adds, “It’s not a remake or a reboot. It’s a continuation of the universe we built in WNUF,” noting that there will be returning characters from the original as well. 

If you have yet to catch up with this cult-classic-in-the making, the original WNUF Halloween Special is also available on Amazon Prime.