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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

After two seasons of occasionally feeling like one long Instagram feed, this promo for Girls’ third year reaches a natural conclusion: It’s just a 30-second montage of meticulously filtered faux-Polaroids shots of the cast and crew, soundtracked by another spiky pop song full of shouty female vocals (in this case, Robert ToTeras’ “Break Out The Boom Boom”). Unfortunately, no photos of overpriced tapas or craft cocktails—nor are there any plot details, beyond those we completely make up, right now.


So, based on the fact that they’re all seen here frolicking at the beach, we can only assume the third season will find the gang meeting an underwater race of Merpeople. Then Marnie starts dating one and becomes all about her new Merpeople friends, and it causes tension. “You act like you’re the first person to ever have sex with a man-fish!” Hannah will say to her at one point. “He’s a fish-man!” Marnie will shout back, and then things will get tense between the two factions, until finally King Neptune sends his crab army to attack New York. This season on Girls.

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