Bobcat Goldthwait’s films to date have edged closer and closer to the sort of nihilistic satire and empty shock value practiced by Uwe Boll and Troma—albeit tempered with a sweeter undercurrent of goofiness—and it looks as though his latest may finally be the one to push him over the proverbial top. It’s the story of a man (Joel Murray) who becomes fed up with the increasingly vapid, spoiled, and selfish subsects of American society, particularly of the kind who have flourished across reality TV. So he embarks on a cross-country killing spree with a young girl, the two of them gleefully gunning down everyone who seems even sort of like an asshole. One might say the film combines the media-saturated murders of Natural Born Killers with the city-is-a-cesspool cleansing of Falling Down, and alleviates it with the lighthearted quirkiness of American Dreamz. Still others might say it’s just a self-indulgent revenge fantasy that’s going to piss a lot of people off with its cheap provocation. Either way, judging by this trailer, you can probably expect to be hearing more about it pretty soon.