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Good news: Discovery says its new show is like "Game Of Thrones with otters"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two otters, presumably hiding from the rival otter army pillaging their little otter castle.
Two otters, presumably hiding from the rival otter army pillaging their little otter castle.
Photo: Sam Yeh (Getty Images)

Discovery, which was combined with WarnerMedia yesterday into a new all-devouring, grotesquely bloated media mutant, would like you to know that it has a new show about otters coming out soon. And, in an example of what kind of synergy viewers can expect from Discovery and WarnerMedia’s HBO, the upcoming Otter Dynasty is being described as a gritty tale that’s basically just Game of Thrones with otters.”

Otter Dynasty, The Hollywood Reporter writes, follows “multiple otter family clans” in Singapore’s Marina Bay as they compete over the area’s limited space and “access to the finest food, best shelter, and safest location [for] their offspring.” The ice zombies, in this case, seem to be “Singapore’s predatory wildlife,” which we cannot wait to see confronted in a gory showdown that ends with a tiny otter with a knife assassinating their leader.


Discovery is maybe working a little too hard to make its Game Of Thrones comparison work—apparently Otter Dynasty “is a rich family drama showcasing distinct, memorable characters through stories of resilience, determination, and family rivalries”—but their efforts have at least given us entertaining stuff like a cast of river weasels being described like fantasy houses.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s descriptions, we already have a furry version of House Lannister in “the ruling Bay City Clan, described as the 1 percent otter group who lives the royal life of luxury in Marina Bay.” There’s also the Tyrell-adjacent River Rebels Clan, who are described as “young, up-and-coming,” and living “a fun-filled life in a fashionable and trendy neighborhood as they raid fishponds and stop traffic every time they cross the city’s busy roads.” As for Game Of Thrones’ Wildlings, well, Otter Dynasty will have its own, now-contractually-acceptable otter clan just straight-up named “The Wildings”—a “young clan living a hard but adventurous life in the Mangrove forest where they tough it out against marauding lizards, floods, and choppy seas.”


Despite all of this information, we still have many questions. For instance: How complex a palace coup can otters organize? Do otters engage in potentially otter dynasty-destroying incest? If an otter loses a hand as part of a mentally and physically torturous journey of self-discovery, will another otter give it a gold otter paw?

For now, we’ll just have to wait for these answers to arrive, in one form or another, when Otter Dynasty is released sometime next year.

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