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Graph Godzilla’s screen time over the past 60 years

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Godzilla roared his way back to screens in 2014, many people were less than enthusiastic about his eight minutes of screentime. But how does that fare when compared to all of his appearances in his various movies? And who has the time to go back through 60 years of films to catalogue how much Godzilla shows up in those movies? Turns out it’s still the least amount of time he’s been on screen and that was discovered by Dave Szmigiel.

Over at Kinja, Szmigiel posted his various graphs and charts that show how often The King Of Monsters appears in his films, when he makes his first appearances, and how long he’s in each (it also correlates that stat with Szmigiel’s own personal ratings of each of the 29 films). It’s pretty fascinating and shows an incredible amount of attention to detail and fan enthusiasm. Szmigiel even breaks down the films by each era—Showa, Heisei, Millennium, and now Legendary films.


Those interested in seeing the charts in their pure form can also head on over to Szmigiel’s personal blog, Joker Cluster. There’s a noticeable lack of Godzilla’s infamous first American flop with Hank Azaria and Matthew Broderick, not to mention nary a mention of his clash with Charles Barkley.