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Great job, Internet!: The tweets of Kanye West, as drawn by The New Yorker

Kanye West may have only been on Twitter for a week, but already his random and out of context tweets are some of the most mind-blowing things on the net. From his goblet fetish to rants about how hard it is to order a cherub-themed Persian rug, it's clear West's operating on a whole separate plane of reality. Even Aziz Ansari chimed in, starting a #predictingkanyetweets meme that West found eerily accurate.

Now, in another turn of highbrow other-worldness, a new trend: "#kanyenewyorkertweets," combining the classic aloofness of New Yorker cartoons with the insane megalomania of West's tweets. The world was always asking for that sardonic line drawing about replacing all of your bottom teeth with diamonds.


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