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Halloween Ends ends Smile’s smiling run at the top of the weekend box office

David Gordon Green's trilogy ends with a solid opening, even if it won't set the world on fire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Halloween Ends
Halloween Ends
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Halloween Ends may have largely disregarded the events of Halloween Kills (a clever conceit that we haven’t seen since J.J. Abrams threw The Last Jedi in the trash for his own crummy trilogy-ender), but one thing it’s not disregarding is the U.S. box office. Yes, after two weeks of Smile, the end of David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot trilogy took the top spot on the charts this weekend with a solid $41 million debut—especially considering its simultaneous premiere on Peacock, which is a sore subject for Freaky director Christopher Landon.

After Halloween Ends is Smile, which added $12.4 million to its total and is now sitting at $71 million after three weeks. Then we have Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile with $7.3 million ($22 million after two weeks), The Woman King with $3.6 million ($59 million after five weeks), and finishing up the top five is Amsterdam with $2.8 million ($11 million after two weeks). Of the bottom five, only Don’t Worry Darling and Barbarian made over $1 million, both of which are also hanging around the $40 million mark. The final three were Bros, Terrifier 2, and—after 21 weeks on the charts and still playing in 900 theaters—Top Gun: Maverick. It has now made $715 million, but now that it’s not making over $1 million every week, it’s probably going to hang there. Or maybe Paramount will rerelease it with new footage and it’ll bounce back and make a cool $1 billion.


Elsewhere on the chart, Till and Decision To Leave began limited rollouts and made relatively good money (if you go by the per-screen average and nothing else), and the only other brand new addition to the charts is a documentary called Cat Daddies about… men who own cats and feel good about it? Honestly, it sounds pretty heartwarming—assuming it’s not some covert Christofascist bullshit, which it doesn’t seem to be. Good for them!

The full top 10, which comes to us from Box Office Mojo, is below.

  1. Halloween Ends
  2. Smile
  3. Lyle, Lycle, Crocodile
  4. The Woman King
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Don’t Worry Darling
  7. Barbarian
  8. Bros
  9. Terrifier 2
  10. Top Gun: Maverick