(Photo: Getty Images, Andreas Rentz)

Earlier this month, we reported that Harvey Weinstein had apparently hired an army of investigators at some point last year who were specifically tasked with keeping tabs on the women who had accused him of sexual assault and on journalists who were investigating their claims. They also reportedly posed as fake accusers to gain the confidence of real accusers like Rose McGowan and they compiled files on ways to discredit accusers should they decide to come forward. Now, The Guardian and its sister paper The Observer have apparently received a document containing a list of 91 people that Weinstein himself compiled as part of a strategy to prevent women from going public with the sexual harassment claims against him.

The list was reportedly put together earlier this year, and the names are supposedly the targets Weinstein needed to get information from or about in hopes of convincing his accusers not to come forward with their allegations. The Guardian hasn’t shared all of them, but the list includes “actors, publicists, producers, financiers, and others working in the film industry,” with some names colored in red to indicate that they should be prioritized. These names include Rose McGowan, Sophie Dix, and Laura Madden, all of whom have since accused Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. Some of the names also included notes, indicating their relationship with reporters or their opinion of Weinstein—for example, one says “very bitter.”


If the list is real, it means that Weinstein at least had knowledge of who was planning to come forward before the big New York Times piece was published.