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Here's another report saying Dan Harmon could come back to Community, so let's talk about that some more

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this month, a report surfaced on Deadline suggesting that Dan Harmon might be returning to Community—a report that many, us included, warily regarded as mere fan service, ultimately as teasing and unsatisfying as the bulk of season four. There was no concrete evidence to support the claim, no precedent to point to where a fired and self-admittedly difficult showrunner was restored to a series he’d been booted from only a year before, and no reason to believe that this was anything more than wishful thinking at best, or reckless rumor-mongering at worst. In terms of new, substantive additions to the ongoing story of Community, it was an animated GIF of Magnitude, minus the pizzazz.

Today we still have no precedent, and we still have no concrete evidence, but we may have slightly more reason to believe that some people might actually be talking about this, so we can talk about their talking. As first reported by a writer for Hollywookiee who was in attendance at the latest taping of Harmontown, Harmon told his podcast audience that “he has been asked to return to Community.” Almost immediately, the report continues, Harmon asked that this remark be edited out of the podcast, saying that it was just for the live audience to hear. Then, perhaps remembering that some people in his audience may have access to the Internet, he quickly changed his mind, reportedly saying, “Ahhh fuck it. I don’t care who knows!” Harmon also joked that “he would only return if they brought Chevy Chase back too,” an idea that caused him to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Ah life, the divine comedy, etc.


Anyway, Harmon has remained predictably silent on the issue, neither NBC nor Sony has yet offered comment, and of course, there remains some natural, healthy suspicion regarding every single Community-related news report, given that “Community” is actually a false-flag operation intended to distract you while the government steals your dog. Shouldn’t have left your dog out in the yard! That’s how the government gets them. But for what it’s worth, The Hollywood Reporter has also “confirmed” the story from its distant Wookiee cousin—again, leaving it unclear both what sort of role Harmon has been asked to return to, and also just who THR “confirmed” this story with, considering it has no quotes from Harmon, and neither NBC nor Sony would offer it anything official. But this story is out there, again, meaning you can probably expect to hear more on it soon. In the meantime, put your dog inside.