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Hey, who wants to watch Jeff Goldblum talk about dropping acid?

One gets the sense, as 2018 dies a typically dismal suckgasm of a death, that the internet might soon be reaching Peak Jeff Goldblum. Is there a limit for our seemingly endless enjoyment of charming befuddlement, bizarre pauses, and twinkle-eyed mischief? How much jazz music are we expected to tolerate in the name of our celebrity crushes, huh?


And yet, it’s hard to deny that there’s something unflaggingly delightful about watching Goldblum just sort of riff on life, as he did in a recent installment of Pitchfork’s “Over/Under” video series. True to form, Goldblum uses the format’s “overrated/underrated” prompts less as a mandate, and more of a loose suggestion; between talking for a very long time about his feelings on the delicate beauty of the eyelash, and implying that he’s definitely fucked in a hot tub or two, it’s a real primer on Goldblum’s delightfully stammering worldview.

The most interesting bits, though, understandably come when the actor ventures into the field of his experiences with psychoactive substances. Although he’s a big fan of mescaline, Goldblum reveals he had a less fun time with acid, including an anecdote in which he calmly dumped a piece of pizza on the floor just to watch it fall, which is a very funny mental image, especially if you imagine he was in his Buckaroo Banzai cowboy outfit at the time.