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Hooters promises not to objectify anyone at new fast-casual chain Hoots

No more of this. Nuh uh. No way. (Photo: Nick Valinote / Getty Images)

Their guy might be in charge, but there’s still plenty for “real” Americans to get all red-faced about in the year 2017. First Budweiser kowtows to snowflakes by running a Super Bowl ad implying that being shitty to immigrants is wrong, and now even Hooters has fallen prey to the PC cultural agenda by opening restaurants whose themes revolve around food, and not what the person bringing you said food is wearing. The death of the red-blooded American male has a name, and that name is Hoots.

The Tampa Bay Times has details on the new fast-casual chain, which will feature an abbreviated one-page menu revolving around Hooters’ famous chicken wings (which The A.V. Club food editor Kevin Pang says are actually quite good) and will hire both male and female servers. Sadly for those hoping to see the Inside Amy Schumer sketch about an all-male Hooters equivalent called O’Nutters come to life, Hoots will also eschew the revealing outfits of its parent chain. The first Hoots is set to open in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois in February.


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