The first trailer for Iron Man 3 established that, this time around, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark will be grappling with the dark, existential doubt that comes from having everything and a robot butler to hand you everything, only to have it stripped away temporarily. In this second look, we again see a Stark so physically and emotionally rattled he can’t even muster a snappy answer to a reporter’s stupid question—just a declaration of “old-fashioned revenge” and some petulant peeling out in his sports car—so consumed is he by hatred for Ben Kingsley’s evil, Gwyneth Paltrow-stealing, consonant-hoarding The Mandarin. Still, as much as the thrust of the film seems to concern Stark grappling with suddenly being all on his own—the rest of The Avengers being super busy that week, with appointments and stuff—it definitely helps that he apparently still has a big-ass army of back-up Iron Men. So, you know, maybe things aren’t so bleak for Tony Stark after all.