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It turns out that people don’t really want to spend $1,000 on an iPhone

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple’s iPhone X is an unbelievable marvel of technology with a seemingly endless list of exciting new features and capabilities that will set you back $1,000, which is the kind of detail that overshadows literally everything else about it. Want to get on your phone by scanning your face? Well, it costs $1,000. Want to use those animated emoji animals from the commercials? Go ahead, but it costs $1,000. Want an annoying status symbol that tells people you have a ton of money to burn? Luckily, the new iPhone costs $1,000.

Unsurprisingly, that big price tag seems to have scared off a lot of the typical iPhone customers, as CNBC is reporting that Apple may be cutting back on production of the iPhone X to make up for slightly slower-than-expected sales. CNBC also says that iPhone 8 production is reportedly right on track, indicating that its sales are going exactly as Apple predicted they would. The implication, then, is that people are still hungry for new iPhones, but they’re not necessarily willing to spend a cool grand on one.


Meanwhile, Apple has been forced to expose the secret slowdown “feature” it had been using to make sure older iPhones don’t explode, removing one of the incentives it had in place for getting people to buy new iPhones. If Apple really wanted to get people to buy the iPhone X, it should start being more actively antagonistic to its users.

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