Given how monstrously successful The Walking Dead has been, it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken this long for Robert Kirkman’s other big comic series, the teen superhero drama Invincible, to get the TV adaptation treatment. But said treatment has now, in fact, arrived, with Amazon showing off the first teaser trailer for the new animated series as part of its New York Comic-Con panel earlier today.

Speaking of The Walking Dead: That’s Steven Yeun voicing not-at-all-regular teenager Mark Grayson, who discovers that he’s inherited superpowers from his dad, Nolan (J.K. Simmons), who’s functionally this universe’s equivalent of Superman. Because this is early days, the trailer plays up the wish fulfillment parts of Invincible’s formula—including an intercontinental game of catch—with Mark realizing he can fly, punch stuff, etc. The press release for the teaser does promise all the “fan-favorite characters, high-flying action, and all the gore audiences have come to expect from the Invincible comics,” though, which is the first hint that this series is going to get just as dark and nasty as the comics did. (Although hopefully a little less convoluted; 144 issues of a comic book will do that to you.)


Invincible is set to launch on Amazon Prime in 2021. You can watch the full panel for the show at NYCC below.