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J. Lo Will Only Answer "Pure And Beautiful" Questions

Former fly girl, current singer/actress/mallrat fragrance peddler Jennifer Lopez has a new album out (Como Ama Una Mujer), and she wants everyone to know that this album–presumably much like her perfumes Glow, Miami Glow, and Glow After Dark–is a creative expression, a product of passion, not some soul-less commodity whose success can be measured by cold, heartless sales figures. From Entertainment Weekly:

EW: What are your expectations for Como Ama? JENNIFER LOPEZ: I don't think of it that way. The joy is in creative expression and making something that's true to your heart. It's not about [sales].

EW: You're going to perform ''Qué Hiciste'' on a Latin-themed episode of American Idol on April 11. That'll be great for mainstream exposure. JL: I think you have the focus in the wrong place. For me, the focus is to get my music out there, but it's for different reasons than what you are focusing on, which is kind of like…

EW: What do you mean? JL: I don't know. It's just kinda weird to me – the questions seem like, ''What about the success?'' That is like icing on the cake. At the end of the day, you're an artist, and you do it because you love it.

So true, Jenny From The Block. In fact, the idea that anyone would suggest that there is anything untoward or calculating about the motives of the artist who put her name on this T-shirt

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and then shared it with the public in department stores all over the country, is positively grotesque. The purity of the artistic intent is apparent. Ditto for

Monster In Law.

EW: You seem upset right now. Have I upset you? JL:No. You know what it is? Sometimes I know where this stuff is coming from, and it's not a pure and beautiful place, and that's where [the work] I'm doing now is coming from. Please don't take it the wrong way.

Sigh. If only the general public, not to mention EW writers, could understand the pristine artistic motivations behind an American Idol guest star appearance.

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