What is Jack White's latest project? No, it's not this. Or this. And, despite what the following photo might indicate, it is not cultivating a nouveau-vampire-Lestat look. That's more of an ongoing life goal, anyway. No, his latest project is this new jingle/commercial for Coca-Cola. (link via theModernage)

Last November, White told that Coca-Cola instructed him to write "something particular along one theme of love in a worldwide form." As far as jingles go, it's not that bad. But the commercial brings up several questions, namely: 1. Why does Coca-Cola always have to equal "love in a worldwide form"? 2. Are they actually going to show this on TV? (I bet they'll show it twice. If someone actually sees it on TV more than that, I'll buy you a 12-pack of Coke.*) 3. What's the deal with the reference to The Birds? 4. Haven't I seen this commercial before, but like, better? And for Target? Feel free to give me answers, or just alternately call Jack White a sell-out and a genius in the comments. *not a valid offer.