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Jackie Chan remains the all-time champ of hopping over fences, among other things

Have you tried hopping a fence lately? It’s exhausting. And laborious. Which is why this supercut of Jackie Chan hopping giant fences like he’s got Flubber on his shoes is as envy-inducing as it is incredible. Who could possibly have this much control of their body in a world where most of us can’t sneeze without looking like that SpongeBob meme?

The clip was put together by video editor James Casey of The Solomon Society, and what it especially highlights is Chan’s ability to, well, act while he’s scaling and leaping. Just look at the last clip in the mix, with Chan doing bits with a mounted camera like they were a couple of Stooges. Multitasking is one thing, but not just anybody can combine farce with parkour. Okay, time for a Rumble In The Bronx rewatch.

[via Laughing Squid]

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