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I'm not sure how the expression "Tap that ass" began—though, I was surprised to find out that "Tap That Ass" is a drink (made with Hennessy, I'm asking for it the next time I go to Houlihan's), and a little less than surprised to find out that it's also the name of a 2003 (adult) movie. But I'm pretty sure that whomever coined the phrase had no idea that when the last syllable ("ss") escaped their lips for the first time and flew out into the pop cultural jetstream that constantly swirls around us all, it would only be a matter of time before a version of the phrase would eventually trickle down to the lips of a child actor on some new, terrible-looking CBS sitcom vehicle for Jay Mohr.

Wherever he/she is, the "tap that ass" creator must be hunched forward, head in hands, staring at this clip in disbelief—and wondering if he/she could get a writing credit for Project Gary, because "tap that" is the funniest part about this scene:


Correct me if I'm wrong, but this show is Two And A Half Men, right? I mean, obviously, Two And A Half Men has a whole other man (it's right there in the title), but couldn't this scene function just as well in that sitcom about a "bad dad" and a kid who says "tap that"?

How could CBS say no to an idea that they'd already said yes to and had on the air for years? I'm sure Jay Mohr's work in this was just the icing on their programming-decision-making cake.


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