The last time Jeff Daniels led a TV series, he was given to all kinds of pontificating (well, his character was, and even then, those were just Aaron Sorkin’s words). But in the first trailer for Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank’s Godless, Daniels is all searching looks and wordless threats. Unfortunately, this preview doesn’t turn up much in the way of plot, though the voiceover is probably significant, waxing on about life and death as it does. But we do know that Daniels is playing a criminal who rides into the mining town of La Belle, New Mexico to find that it’s a literal “no-man’s land,” i.e., an all-female town. We’d like to think Michelle Dockery is the mayor of said town, but we’ll have to wait until the next trailer to find out.

Godless premieres November 22 on Netflix.