The first glimpse at Jobs (no longer titled jOBS, for reasons of silliness) was met, like so many Apple products at first, with doubt and derision—not least from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who found the film “totally wrong” and “embarrassing” beyond even the way Josh Gad made him look. The biopic’s mixed reception at Sundance and the indefinite postponement of its release date that followed only added to the negative buzz. But, as Steve Jobs himself was so fond of saying after a deceptively disappointing start, “One more thing… Did you notice that I sort-of look like Ashton Kutcher?” before opening his shirt to reveal his signature buff pectoral muscles. And so with a new August 16 release date firmly in hand, this full trailer aims to change the conversation, condensing the complicated history and technical details of Apple’s founding inside a sleek, aesthetically pleasing exterior that will capture the average consumer—a technique that both the real-life and the movie Steve Jobs would have appreciated. In this preview as in Apple, design is everything.