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The approaching “singularity”—when artificial intelligence will surpass that of humans’, and we’ll suddenly trade our days of engaging in intellectual discourse for a life of being enslaved to glowing screens—is an intriguing premise for a movie about man who seeks power and immortality in the technological ether. It was called Lawnmower Man, and it had a scene where two liquid robots fuck until they turn into a dragonfly. But Wally Pfister’s Transcendence might also be good. Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer goes solo with the story of an AI researcher played by Johnny Depp, whose quest for “transcendence” leads to his becoming one with the machine, lifting him to a higher plane where man no longer has need for hats, and binary ones and zeroes are all that passes for crazy makeup. The movie arrives on April 14; hopefully the singularity arrives after that, otherwise there’s no way your AI overlords are gonna let you watch it.


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