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Jordan Peele makes black history with Get Out’s $100 million debut

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This past weekend, Jordan Peele’s horror-satire Get Out made history on two fronts. First, it became the fastest Blumhouse Productions film to gross $100 million. Second, Peele became the first black writer-director to debut with a $100 million movie. It’s also worth noting that Get Out was made with a rather paltry $4 million budget and a fairly unknown cast.

As for what’s next for the rising star, Peele says he’s already envisioning a series of spiritual successors to Get Out, exploring more “social demons”. Naturally, with the success of his first movie, we can expect studios to be clamoring to work with him. It seems inevitable that he’ll join the ranks of other first-time indie directors, like Colin Trevorrow, Marc Webb and Jordan Vogt-Roberts, to be handed a multimillion dollar franchise. Give this man a Marvel movie!