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With no other explanation for the sudden, out-of-nowhere appearance of this trailer for Justice—the third Nicolas Cage trailer we’ve seen in a month—it seems as though Nicolas Cage movies may have officially become self-spawning, asexually reproducing themselves by sending their spores aloft on the wind. A southerly breeze blows by, and the next thing you know you have this boilerplate Nicolas Cage thriller (which used to bear the much more colorful title The Hungry Rabbit Jumps) in which Cage’s wife, played with compelling bone structure by January Jones, is violently attacked, and Cage is soon drawn into a shady world of organized vigilantism by Guy Pearce and his evil baldness. Like past previews for Drive Angry, Trespass, and hell, even Ghost Rider 2, Cage contorts his mouth and seethes his way to vengeance, all while various cars crash and explode. Be sure to regularly treat your flowerbeds, because these things can crop up overnight.


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