If you’re intrigued by the song used in the trailer and want to hear more, it’s thankfully been released as the lead single, too. The album’s title track gets right into her divorce from fellow country star Ruston Kelly. Musgraves sings, “I signed the papers yesterday/You came and took your things away/And moved out of the home we made/And gave you back your name/What have we done?/Did we fly too high just to get burned by the sun?”

Golden Hour told Kelly and Musgraves’ love story, but we’re more than ready for some breakup songs. Though the new song’s lyrics and the singer-songwriter’s own interviews express that the split was amicable, the tracklist (which includes song titles like “good wife,” “breadwinner,” “justified,” and “what doesn’t kill me”)  and lyrics all hint that this is bound to be a very emotionally charged album. We can’t wait for Musgraves to wreck us.