Kit Harington hopes we’ll get to see more of his Eternals character

If things go Harington's way, there might be more to his Dane Whitman down the road

Kit Harington hopes we’ll get to see more of his Eternals character
Kit Harington and Gemma Chan in Eternals Photo: Marvel Studios

Kit Harington is either a great liar or he’s absolutely about to embark on a large-scale Marvel adventure of his own once Eternals drops. His character in the movie, Dane Whitman, might seem like a mild-mannered museum… poet (?), but any fan of Marvel comics can tell you there’s more to him than just being a solid dude.

In fact, Whitman eventually becomes The Black Knight, a character who wields a cursed, mystical sword in an attempt to restore honor to the world. He’s also canonically part of both the Avengers and the Defenders, and—let’s face it—Harington’s casting in the role could make a lot of sense given how adept he is at swinging a big ass sword.

The A.V. Club sat down with Harington in the run-up to Eternals and tried to pin him down on the subject of Whitman’s future. The consummate secretive professional, Harington played things fairly coy, telling us that he “didn’t join up just for” Whitman’s simple role in Eternals, but rather in the hopes that “what I read on the internet might come to pass at some point post this movie.” “I think if it does [come true],” says Harington, “the character has got some really, really cool stuff about him.”

Given that Harington is coming off a wildly secretive project in Thrones, we wondered whether he was prepared to enter Marvel’s even more secretive realm. Can he handle the scrutiny?

“I don’t go on the internet and look at the scrutiny of things,” says Harington. “I learned not to from Thrones.” Harington says that as far as he knows, the Marvel fandom is “sweet” and “lovely” and “very passionate,” community. Harington also says he almost missed the scrutiny, saying “in many ways, in the last couple of years since Thrones finished, there’s a part of it I miss, so being part of [Eternals] is filling a little hole somewhere, I think.”

There’s more from Harington in the video above, including a little on his wink-wink nudge-nudge on-screen moment with fellow Thrones alum Richard Madden.

Eternals hits theaters today. You can read our own A.A. Dowd’s review of the movie right here.

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