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Lady Dynamite season 2 gets a premiere date

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After years of being one of the best stand-up comics out there, Maria Bamford finally landed her own show, Lady Dynamite, which premiered on Netflix to enthusiastic reviews last May. It was quickly renewed, but 14 months have passed without an update. Netflix made it official this afternoon, announcing Bamford’s semi-autobiographical, convention-twisting show will return for eight episodes on November 10. And because Netflix is totally down to poke fun at itself—just look at the billboards!—the announcement was accompanied by a video where Bamford and her agent, Karen Grisham (Ana Gasteyer), go in to pitch a show to a streaming service.

The streaming-service pitch isn’t just a goof. According to the press release, season two finds Bamford taking a new gig at a streaming service that “may or may not be owned by Elon Musk.” She also navigates her new relationship with Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, a man with a name so badass that the show’s writers didn’t even try to compete with it and called his character “Scott.”


The surprise announcement left Lady Dynamite off our comprehensive fall TV preview, but T.V. editor Erik Adams just gave it “binge” rating. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

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