Lady Gaga has a Bradley Cooper description she likes, uses endlessly

Press tours must be exhausting. Every day, actors and directors sit down for interviews, are asked variations on the same handful of questions, and have to try to think of a novel answer each time. Though the millions of dollars most of these interview subjects make for their work is typically a pretty good consolation for the headache, some simply throw in the towel and decide not to play the press’s games.

Lady Gaga is one such celebrity. While doing the circuit for the Bradley Cooper-directed remake of A Star Is Born, she’s landed on the best way to describe Cooper’s part in guiding her performance. As the following clip shows, Gaga evidently believes the description she’s found is so good, in fact, that it should simply be re-used verbatim at every opportunity.

While the sentiment is nice enough—we could all use that one person out of 100 to believe in us, after all—it starts to lose meaning after the third or fourth time it’s been said. Still, Gaga loves this description, trotting it out rain or shine in the exact same form (except for one jazz-like improv session where the 100 changes to 1,000 people).

It’s funny enough in summary, but spare a thought for Bradley Cooper, who has likely heard it far more times than the video captures. His face, in joint press conferences and interviews, is hilariously resigned, attempting to visually acknowledge a warm compliment whose real impact was likely lost around the time he started to hear it echo through his dreams on the second day of the A Star Is Born press tour.

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