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Lady Gaga has a giant robot now, in case you were worried being a movie star might have changed her

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Reassuring news today for fans worried that newfound moviestardom might have dulled the excessive, “What the fuck is that?” edges off of one of the planet’s most spectacle-devoted performers: Lady Gaga has a giant robot now.

The Star Is Born star introduced the world to Mecha-Gaga in Las Vegas last night, kicking off the first show of her new Nevada residency, Enigma. Said show also saw the live debut of “Shallow,” the big breakout song from her Bradley Cooper-directed hit, as well as more normal (for a Lady Gaga level of “normal,” anyway) sights, as when she entered the arena floating on a wire and playing a keytar, or showed off some sort of extremely hokey CGI anime video to her cheering fans.


Really, though, we’re just here for the giant robot. (And yes, we know it was actually just a giant puppet being carried around by a bunch of guys in suits. Let us dream.) It may not have the raw spectacle of that old standby, Meat Dress, but it makes up for it in that most important of pop star metrics: Pure crushing power, and mechanical intent to kill.

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