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Lagunitas finally just puts the weed directly in the beer

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Lagunitas Brewing Co., the beloved Petaluma, Calif.-based brewery no stranger to sticking a middle finger at the beer establishment, is finally releasing a beer that incorporates an ingredient long part of company culture: cannabis.

The Washington Post reports that Lagunitas is brewing a new IPA called Supercritical that contains terpenes extracted from cannabis plants grown in Northern California. (It’s the terpenes that give marijuana its piney flavor and aroma.) The 6.6 percent ABV beer, however, does not contain THC, the chemical compound that’s the reason marijuana enthusiasts become enthused. Lagunitas has brewed only 120 kegs for now, and it can be found at very select taps in California.


Lagunitas has enjoyed a long association with the sticky icky. Founder Tony Magee is outspoken about his love for marijuana (see the video below produced by Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane site), and his brewery produces a triple IPA, The Waldos’ Special Ale, that bears the aroma of marijuana. But they’ve never incorporated actual weed—until now.

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