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Lance Bass got screwed out of buying the Brady Bunch house

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Photo: Araya Diaz (Getty Images for DailyMail.com)

A couple week ago, we reported that the house used for the exterior shots on The Brady Bunch was going up for sale for the first time in 45 years, with pretty much the only interested buyers being developers who wanted the land the house was built on. At an asking price of $1.85 million, though, it seemed weird that anyone would want to pay that much for a famous TV house just to tear it down. Luckily, Lance Bass seems to have done a good job holding on to his ‘N SYNC money, because on Friday he excitedly announced on Twitter that his offer on the house had been accepted:


As reported by Entertainment Weekly, a number of other rich people who had put in beds congratulated Bass, with EmSee rap battle app creator Gregory Storm saying he had wanted to buy the house and remodel the interior to look more like the interior of the house on the show and Property Brothers brother Jonathan Silver Scott offering to give Bass any help he needed with the new home (a not-so-subtle attempt to manufacture some kind of star-studded TV event).

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always work out as nicely as it did on The Brady Bunch, and sometimes not even the most passionate musical performance can convince greedy land owners to do the right thing. As Bass revealed on Instagram last night, despite having already accepting his offer on the house and allowing the deadline on new offers to pass, the agent representing the sellers decided to give up the house to a “Corporate Buyer” (he says it’s a Hollywood studio) that wanted the Brady Bunch house “at any cost.”

In other words, some big company came along after the last minute and outbid Bass. He believes that the sellers accepted his bid only to drive up demand for this “billion-dollar company,” and he’s “hurt and saddened by this highly questionable outcome”—partially because this might mean that the house will be demolished anyway. We made a joke about this already, but has Bass considered putting on a passionate musical performance for real? Because it might actually convince the greedy land owners do the right thing here.