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Lars Von Trier says he didn't torture Kirsten Dunst, much to his disappointment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although Lars Von Trier’s contempt for Kirsten Dunst spurs the apocalypse in the upcoming Melancholia, the director with a reputation for tormenting his leading ladies (though what’s a little rape or genital mutilation when it comes to The Process?) insists that no actual Kirsten Dunsts were harmed in the making of his film—much to Von Trier’s dismay. “I think that Kirsten got off far too easy. Far too easy,” Von Trier chuckled to Empire, presumably while tenting his fingers ominously, then added, “She was not dragged through any masturbation.” Wait, so did she get off or not? Anyway, judging from the trailer, Kirsten Dunst was dragged naked around a Victorian mansion and then smashed by a planet, but rest assured that she was not dragged through any masturbation. Leave it to Lars Von Trier to make “masturbation” sound like a bed of razor wire. [via Vulture]