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Lean into the tension of Little Fires Everywhere

Kerry Washington, Megan Stott
Kerry Washington, Megan Stott
Photo: Hulu

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Wednesday, March 25. All times are Eastern. 


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Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu, 3:01 a.m): Often in trying times, people just want to devour comfort food, both literally and metaphorically. (A reminder: One Day At A Time returned yesterday!) But just as often, being totally swept up in something complex and tense is as good a feeling or better. If that’s your speed today, there’s no better solution than Little Fires Everywhere.

This taut series began last week, with (in Hulu tradition) the first three episodes arriving all at once. The story really got moving in the third, and here’s just a piece of Saloni Gajjar’s thoughtful recap:

While throwing a birthday party for Linda McCullough’s kid Mirabelle, Elena tells Mia how Linda and her husband Mark were trying to conceive for years with no results until one day, they got a call about an abandoned Asian baby found near the fire station. It doesn’t take Mia long to put two and two together. This is a major curveball that is sure to disrupt not just Elena and Mia’s relationship, considering the sides they will take, but it’s sure to shake up all of Shaker Heights with a scandal.

This plotline ties in several character arcs together, finally giving Little Fires Everywhere the solid backbone it was missing. Up until now, it looked like yet another glossy show set in a fancy location—the fact that it stars Reese Witherspoon also warrants a Big Little Lies comparison. With the Bebe story slowly coming to the forefront, the show can now talk about the complexities of immigration and adoption with nuance.

It’s safe to say that things do not get less complicated this week, as Elena tries to figure out what exactly went down at the party at the McCullough residence and Mia butts heads with Pearl. If you want to be totally absorbed by a story, this is a hell of an option.

Can you binge it?: If you didn’t jump on the train last week, then yes, there’s a four-episode binge awaiting you. Otherwise, you’ll need to watch week to week like the rest of us.

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The Circle: Brazil (Netflix, 3:01 a.m.): Circle, write message: “On the other hand, maybe you just want to watch something dumb yet oddly topical, surprised emoji heart emoji Brazilian flag.” Circle, include a link to the trailer for The Circle: Brazil.

That’s great, Circle. Send message.


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