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Let’s all make make fun of the iPhone X before we end up reluctantly buying it

Apple’s announcement yesterday of the iPhone X heralded the start of yet another cycle in the decades-long relationship between consumers and the massive tech company. The pattern should be familiar to anyone: First, Apple reveals the new product with all its very dumb and unnecessary features. Then, everyone takes turns making fun of the new product for its dumb and unnecessary features. And, finally, everyone buys the new product, complete with dumb and unnecessary features. But, since we’re still in that blissful period when everyone can comfortably talk shit about this $1,000 pocket computer, as in the above jacksfilms parody video, let’s see what the internet is saying about it.

Some are quick to point out that the good people at Apple seem to take sick pleasure in denying consumers what they’ve been asking for in favor of ushering in a dystopian nightmare where phones steal our faces and huddled masses flock to Apple Stores for sanctuary.


Others simply take exception with the $1,000 price tag for this glass-covered “Emoji Machine,” even though this increased price fits right in with Apple’s longtime strategy of charging you more for things you don’t really need but, thanks to planned obsolescence, you soon won’t be able to live without.


Still, others can’t help but think back to a simpler time, when these gadgets weren’t so needlessly complicated or expensive and were also just turtles.


Be sure to share your least favorite aspect of the iPhone X before it’s too late and we all reluctantly own one.


[via UPROXX]

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