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Let's all come together to celebrate big strong men

In the midst of a national catastrophe, one image has surfaced to comfort and guide us: a muscly dude in camo pants carrying a woman who, herself, carries a baby. In it, we see not a simple expression of the humanitarian spirit, but, as goofball TheBlaze columnist Matt Walsh helpfully points out, a reaffirmation of all that is right and good in nature.

Walsh’s caption, which praises the woman who “cradles and protects [a] child” and the man who “carries and protects both,” your “gender studies professor” be damned, is obviously both monumentally and opportunistically dumb. Luckily, within days, the internet has responded with a torrent of mocking spins on Walsh’s sentiment, turning a harmfully stupid tweet into thousands of benignly stupid parodies.


The best, predictably, feature animals:

Others embrace the abstract:


The best, though, is the response from political scientist Christina Wolbrecht who, as an actual gender studies professor, neatly laid out the hypocrisy of conservative “family values” proponents like Walsh in a series of tweets:


Woman owns a dork. Man’s attempt to repurpose human tragedy as an advertisement for his terrible politics backfires. This is how it ought to be.

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