Photo: Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

A ninth season episode of Seinfeld finds George stealing a photo in order to edit himself, an unwelcome visitor in the pic, out of it. Unfortunately, the photo store employee edits out the wrong guy, then tries to draw him back in “by memory.” Now, Twitter user @HonoredSpirit might be finding himself in a similar situation, as a photo he tried to take of his daughter with celeb-on-the-street Matthew Broderick was also crashed by an unwanted visitor.

Here’s the full story:


Yep, that’s Jerry Seinfeld in some wicked shades off to the side, no doubt wondering how the man behind the camera doesn’t recognize him from his 2010 reality series The Marriage Ref. Or the child—doesn’t she realize he’s the man behind Bee Movie, the movie which she and her all her classmates have been begging for a sequel. Granted, Seinfeld might’ve confused her for the Scottish baby that’s apparently the world’s biggest Bee Movie fan.


But hey, Broderick sure seems like a mensch, yeah?