Trebek grew up speaking French in his native Canada (other countries are much less intent on being monolingual), and he gives the word a French pronunciation so it almost sounds like “jar” or “John.” The further you get in the video, you actually start questioning if you’ve been saying it incorrectly this whole time. It is a French word in its origin, but it’s a bit discombobulating when you make it to the 40-second mark in the video and you just hear Trebek say,“genre” almost 10 times in a row. But honestly, Trebek is allowed to say things however he wants—he will still be a gift to this world. (Remember when he took points away from a contestant for saying “Gangster’s Paradise” instead of “Gangsta’s Paradise”? That was great.)

[Editor’s note: This original video was actually created by Jeopardy! superstar Alex Jacob, who very politely requested that we give him credit rather than the lazy sonofabitch who downloaded and reposted it on their own channel, where we first stumbled upon it. We have corrected the error, and kindly request Jacob never challenge us to a trivia contest.]