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Category is “exclamations”: an elongated word one might use when one discovers that the host of Jeopardy! is thinking about calling it a day.


Answer: What is, “noooooooooooooooooooo?

TMZ reports that Alek Trebek, international treasure, is contemplating retirement. In an appearance on Harvey Levin’s OBJECTified on Sunday, Trebek said that the odds of him leaving the show when his contract is up are about 50/50. Trebek also has some opinions about who might prove a worthy replacement, and for this, we shall resist the urge to give the answer in the form of a question. His first suggestion is Alex Faust, the voice of NHL team the Los Angeles Kings. As TMZ notes, Faust is also named Alex, but this does not seem to be the reason for Trebek’s enthusiasm. Here’s him calling a Chicago-Tampa hockey game:

Trebek’s other suggestion was CNN legal analyst Laura Coats:

Our suggestion is that he never leave us. Of course he should retire if he’s ready for the quiet life, and we wish him nothing but happiness and a life in which few people tell him hoary old jokes like those found above. But first—can he at least do more cameos on RuPaul’s Drag Race?


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