Over the course of two trailers now, director Zack Snyder—and especially, most will add, producer Christopher Nolan—have taken pains to emphasize that their new angle on Superman will be super serious. And again, somber considerations of one's purpose, moody walks through desolate landscapes, and depression beards still abound in this newer, longer teaser, as Henry Cavill's Man Of Steel continues to contemplate the terrible burden of being the most powerful being on Earth. Considering the world seeks to put him in handcuffs for being weird, and apparently even got mad at him for saving a school bus full of drowning children, perhaps you can understand some of his dilemma. Anyway, presumably there's still some lighter and meatier moments to come from Amy Adams' Lois Lane and Michael Shannon's General Zod, respectively, both of whom are only glimpsed in a supercut of people staring super meaningfully at things. But in the meantime, Superman remains kind of a super downer, man.