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Martha Marcy May Marlene

First-time director Sean Durkin had one of this year’s biggest hits—and scored a Dramatic Directing award—at Sundance with Martha Marcy May Marlene, the story of a young woman who escapes a cult only to have trouble reassimilating into her family. The film doesn't come out until October 7, but the first trailer was released today ahead of its debut at Cannes, and it looks promising: Other Olsen sister Elizabeth stars in her first feature role (outside of the Olsen Twins' 1990s direct-to-video releases, anyway) and just in the span of one trailer, it seems like she can pretty much act circles around her older siblings. And in what’s sure to be another stellar supporting performance in a recent string of them, John Hawkes continues the same electrifying work that landed him an Oscar nod for Winter's Bone, at turns both menacing and mesmerizing as the leader of the cult Martha gets caught up in.


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