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Martha Stewart Theater 3000

It used to be that a celebrity would prove that he/she has a sense of humor about his/herself by doing a cameo in a tepid sketch on Saturday Night Live. (See: Drew Barrymore, any presidential candidate, etc.) But it appears that Martha Stewart has found a far more comprehensive and possibly a far funnier way to make fun of herself: Orchestrating her own Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque takedown of her old, exhaustingly detailed domestic how-to guide for the thoroughly bored/insane, Martha Stewart Living.

The show is called Whatever, Martha, and it co-stars Martha's daughter, Alexis, and Alexis's deadpan, cutting comments about her mom.


Lest you think Alexis Stewart is channeling Christina Crawford at the end of Mommie Dearest here and using her unhappy childhood at the hands of her famous mother for financial (and pretty funny) gain, according to this NY Times article it is Martha Stewart, not Alexis, who is the mastermind behind this show. So, Whatever, Martha is essentially Mommie Dearest as produced by Joan Crawford herself and as an intentional comedy.

Not only does Whatever, Martha prove that Martha can be self-deprecating, it's also a great platform for her old Martha Stewart Living episodes, and it harnesses Alexis's lifetime of resentment towards her mother in a funny way that makes Martha more money. Basically, Martha Stewart is a diabolical genius with icicles instead of bones and business strategies instead of blood, and she doesn't care who says so.

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